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Welcome to eoPortal Orbits and Satellite Tracker!

The eoPortal Orbits and Satellite Tracker will allow you to:

  • watch Earth from space   »   »   » Earth View
  • admire stars and other planets from Earth   »   »   »
  • also, Orbits' Satellite Tracker feature will display the orbits and locations of earth observation satellites (*) in real time in your chosen View: Earth View displays the orbits as circles while Sky View shows satellites travelling overhead

    (*) Envisat, ERS-2, Proba and others

Start eoPortal Orbits and Satellite Tracker

Please note that:
  1. Java Virtual Machine is required   »   »   » free download
  2. Orbits can also be launched in a standalone Java window where you can resize the display to get the maximum effect   »   »   » launch standalone version of Orbits
  3. More detailed information and instructions   »   »   » open new window with instructions
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